Vendors and Suppliers

Meeker Memorial Hospital & Clinics values building relationships with vendors and suppliers as an integral part of providing affordable health care, essential products and high-quality services to our patients, community, and facilities. Meeker Memorial conducts itself with a high regard to conduct, ethics and responsibility and requires the same standards for vendors and suppliers.

Our policies require that all vendors schedule on-site visits with our Materials Management office. Upon arrival, vendors should check in at the front desk.

Meeker Memorial Hospital & Clinics is a not-for-profit, county owned hospital in Litchfield, MN. We also operate clinics in Litchfield and Dassel. All purchasing, contracting and sourcing is made out of our main facility at:

Meeker Memorial Hospital & Clinics
612 S Sibley Ave
Litchfield, MN 55355
320-693-4567 (fax)