Meeker Memorial Hospital & Clinics Leadership

Mary Ellen Wells

Chief Executive Officer

Meeker Memorial Hospital Dr. Debra Peterson

Debra Peterson, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Governing Board

Hospital leadership is provided by the Meeker Memorial Hospital & Clinics Board of Directors comprised of five community at-large members, two County Commissioners and the Chief of the Hospital’s Medical Staff with the Chief Executive Officer serving as an Ex Officio.

The Hospital Board of Directors is subject to the supervisory authority of the Meeker County County Board of Commissioners. Hospital Board membership is formed to draw on the expertise, background, experience and ability to contribute towards mission, purpose of the hospital, district residency and interest. Responsibilities include: strategic planning, budget expenditure plan, establishing the Hospital’s mission, vision, goals and objectives, approval of policies, ensure conformance with competitive bidding processes, appointment of medical staff, evaluation and structure of the organization, medical staff accountability for quality care and maintaining high standards of professional and ethical practice.

Beth Oberg

Board Chair
Meeker County Commissioner

John Spreiter

Vice Chair
Community Representative

Allen Liestman

Board Secretary
Community Representative

Meeker Memorial Hospital Janell Haiwick

Janell Haiwick, MD

Chief of Medical Staff
Meeker Memorial Hospital & Clinics

William Dolan, J.D.

Community Representative

Paul Johnson

Meeker County Commissioner

Kiza Olson, MBA, LHNA

Community Representative

Bill Ward

Community Representative