Meeker Memorial Hospital is excited to announce we have received a new Siemens EDGE plus CT Scanner!

Our old GE unit was removed the end of September!

Our new Siemens EDGE plus scanner was delivered on October 10th!

On October 17th we began training on the new scanner. We are going on our 4th week of using this new scanner and we are very pleased to announce we have seen great things already. It is a much faster scanner and we have moved from 32 slices per rotation to 128 slices per rotation. It comes with wonderful software that allows us to scan with a lower radiation dose and reconstruct images into very high-quality pictures. The dose reduction is a great asset to our community. A quick study has shown the following have had a significant reduction in radiation dose measured in DLP: (Dose length product (DLP) measured in mGy*cm is a measure of CT tube radiation output/exposure. It is related to volume CT dose index (CTDIvol), but CTDIvol represents the dose through a slice of an appropriate phantom. DLP accounts for the length of radiation output along the z-axis (the long axis of the patient).)

Average GE Head CT dose

Average Siemens Head Dose

Average GE Abdomen Dose

Average Siemens Abdomen Dose

Average GE PE Study Dose

Average Siemens PE Study Dose

1353 DLP

607 DLP

670 DLP

399 DLP

586 DLP

312 DLP

Reduction of


Reduction of


Reduction of


Average Pediatric Head GE

Our one Pediatric Head Siemens

Limited data on Pediatric CT’s

More to come.



820 DLP

108 DLP





Reduction of